Amanda Harris

Release Date: 27 July 2015


“Warning: Amanda Harris’s writing inflicts cuts and bruises. Her stories leave you feeling a little like you’ve engaged in voyeurism, stolen something, hurt someone, or been hurt, and enjoyed it more than you should have. . .This is edgy, gutsy work. This is the real deal, kids. This hurts so good.”

–Gary V. Powell, author of Lucky Bastard

Rage. . .is a book of grit and edge. Work after work exudes a clear and unapologetic voice the reader can’t help but follow. . .These poems and fictions are meant to disturb, fracture, jolt and they do so with vigor. Harris is unafraid of the torn landscape she creates, and that makes Rage an impressive read.”

–Sam Rasnake, author of Cinema Verité

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Masthead and Contributor Bios

Amanda Harris has fiction and poetry either published or forthcoming in Olentangy Review, Black-Listed Magazine, MadHat Annual, Camroc Press Review, a small stone, Every Day Poets and madswirl, as well as various other online publications and anthologies. Her first book, Rage, will debut Miscreant Press (2015).


Miscreant Press publishes poetry and fiction chapbooks, as well as full length collections. Submissions should challenge the world’s hierarchies, its gender politics, and anything that makes its readers question the inner workings of this big, confusing rabbit hole we call our world. Do not be afraid to unsettle.

Submissions should be sent in the form of an email attachment to miscreantpress@gmail.com. Manuscripts should either be in a .doc or PDF format.

The first submission period will open September 1.